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God’s Miraculous Arrival Brings Miraculous Joy

December 22, 2019
Even in the wonderful time of year that is Christmas, joy can elude us and we can become depressed. God's Word urges us to see the glory and splendor of…

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The God of Miraculous Power

January 18, 2015
The apostle Paul urges us to see God's daily miracles. Download audio and listening guide files below. (Right-click and select "Save as..." to download to your device.)

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What Do You Look For?

When we trust God to provide, do we trust only in his miraculous power or in the compassion and care that fuel the provision he gives us?

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Jesus Is The Resurrection and the Life

April 6, 2014
Jesus - the Resurrection and the Life - allows us to conquer our greatest enemy, death.

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A Truly Amazing Story

March 23, 2014
Jesus does something truly amazing! He opens the eyes of the blind!


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