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Jesus Has The Credentials

January 12, 2020
When you come to Jesus to change your life, you need to know if he has the right credentials. Is he just OK, or so much more than OK? Jesus'…

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See The Wonder

May 20, 2018
While the sights and sounds may be more simple than the rushing wind, flames of fire, and languages spoken on the day of Pentecost, still the Holy Spirit is present…

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God’s Incredible Invitation

August 27, 2017
God has invited us to the incredible, joyful reception of his grace and Jesus asks us to consider our response to that invitation.

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Jesus Leaves No Loose Ends

January 8, 2017
As we celebrate Jesus' Baptism we are reminded that he fulfilled all righteousness in our place and left nothing undone. Download audio and listening guide files below. 

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Your Access Card

May 31, 2015
God's gift of faith brought through his Word and Sacraments gives you access to his grace.

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Why Are You Here?

January 11, 2015
To truly encounter God we must be able to answer this question: "Why am I here?" Download audio life group discussion guide files below. (Right-click and select "Save as..." to…

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Born to Save US

An Important Ceremony

January 12, 2014
Jesus' Baptism was a very important ceremony that marked a special event for you and I.


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