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Our Savior: From Ourselves

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Celebrate the Right Labor

Matthew Maguire and Peter McGuire. Do you recognize those names? Unless they are your great grandfather, I wouldn’t expect you to. They are the two people, long dead, yet still fighting on the pages of history journals for the coveted acclaim as the founder of Labor Day.  Yes, that holiday that we celebrate this month and gives us the long weekend – perhaps we so desperately need.  Then again, maybe you have to work this Labor Day anyway.  Still, both Peter McGuire, general secretary of the Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners, and Matthew Maguire, secretary of the Central Labor Union in New York in 1882, are given credit for proposing this holiday to honor those “who from rude nature have delved and carved all the grandeur we behold.” (Taken from the Department of Labor website: https://www.dol.gov/general/laborday/history)

No matter who really started the holiday it is intended to pay tribute to the “contributions that workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country.” And in that, it is a very American holiday.  We are certainly a nation that prides itself on putting our mind to a task, working incredibly hard, and achieving that goal. That’s a good thing most of the time.

“I can do it all by myself!” If you have children, you have heard these words. It’s even an attitude we want them to obtain and practice.  You want them to become independent. You want them to work. “I can do it all by myself!”  You say it too. You complete the project at work by yourself to receive the raise or promotion.  You work tirelessly on your backyard landscape so you can enjoy the crisp Autumn evenings.

Still, there is one realm in which you cannot say, “I can do it all by myself.”  That is in the realm of your relationship with God. God’s expectations are far greater than your boss’s or even your own.  God’s expectations are perfection and holiness because he is perfect and holy. To stand on our own in his eternal presence would require nothing less. We can be good workers, parents, siblings, and people, but unless we are perfect, we can’t do it “all by myself.”

But we don’t have to do it ourselves! God tells us in his Word that we have been saved by grace – undeserved love! The love of a mother or father for their child, that sees them putting on their shoe all wrong, but still finds pride and joy in them. We all are undeserving. Still, God deeply loved us. He sent Jesus to open the way to heaven.

When it comes to the eternal prosperity of your soul, you have someone’s labor and contributions to celebrate. Not your own, but Jesus’.  Jesus is the one who opens heaven. He lived a perfect, righteous, and completely god-pleasing life. Then he sacrificed his innocent life in our place for all of our failings and imperfections. Now, through Jesus, we are perfectly right before God, all because we didn’t do it ourselves. Jesus did it for us!

Thank Jesus for this wonderful gift! He is your Savior who did it all for you!

Join us at Beautiful Savior to learn more about everything Jesus has done for you.

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Not Without Consequence

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not wo consequence

God has acted with incredible love and grace toward us to rescue us from our sin.  However, God’s grace is not without consequence.  God’s gracious action resulted in Jesus’ grueling death.  God’s gracious action also results in changes and challenges for those who would hold dear his forgiveness and compassion. Jesus urges us to understand the consequences of God’s incredible grace, so that we will not lose our hold on that grace.

Join Beautiful Savior August 30 – September 20, 2015 as we explore this worship series.

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I Need More…Knowledge!

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Is school on the brain?  For many of us it is.  We are thinking about school, we are planning for school, and we are doing school work.  School is a huge component of our culture and the rhythm of our life.  Which makes sense, because in school we gain knowledge, and knowledge is important to us. Gaining knowledge satisfies an itch we all have. Who doesn’t feel they need more knowledge? And how about being able to pat yourself on the back for pursuing it and finding knowledge within yourself?

Then again, when you pursue knowledge, do you sometimes feel like a hamster on a wheel?  Do you feel that you’re learning more and more, but also forgetting more and more?  Do you feel that even though you know many things, it still seems like you’re missing something big?

God says all people are the same: “There is no one who understands, no one who seeks God…The way of peace they do not know” (Romans 3:11,17). God says people’s natural capabilities are limited to sinning and rebelling against God. God says people naturally miss something incredibly big when it comes to knowledge.

Think about Adam and Eve when they pursued more knowledge on their own apart from God. They rejected God’s Word and sinned. Look at what their own inner pursuit of knowledge got them, and also what it got us: a world infected by sin so badly that everyone dies.

God knows we all lack the best knowledge, and he wants to fill that void. He does so not by telling us to find it inside ourselves, but by telling us to look outside ourselves. We find knowledge in the Bible. Through his Word, God makes us wise; he gives us insight and understanding (Psalm 119:98-100). That’s because God’s Word gives us knowledge that we can’t find or discover anywhere else.

The Bible tells about Jesus. It tells how wide and long and high and deep Jesus’ love is for people. That love drove Jesus to come to this world, to bear the sin of every person, to die on a cross, to suffer the eternal punishment for all sins, and to reverse the effect of sin.  In Jesus a gate has been opened to you, not to mere knowledge, but to eternal life.   That gate was opened by love—love so amazing that God declares your sins are forgiven because of Jesus. That’s love—love so beyond understanding that Jesus, the righteous one, should die for the unrighteous. And he did! That’s why the Apostle Paul says that “this love surpasses knowledge” (Ephesians 3:19). In Jesus’ love for you, you have everything you truly need to know, both now and forever.

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September 2013

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Follow the Leader

The last week of August marked a significant milestone in American history. Fifty years ago on August 28th, 1963 the civil rights March on Washington took place, during which Martin Luther King Jr. presented his famous “I Have a Dream” speech. The March was an impressive feat.  Over 250,000 people gathered on the National Mall in Washington D.C. That took organization. That took planning. That took leadership. Not only was leadership important for organizing and maintaining a peaceful march, leadership was also necessary to encourage the people who gathered and give them direction.  It took leadership to rally those 250,000 people.

Leadership is critical to accomplishment.  Without leadership things quickly fall apart, so we look for leaders to emerge in our lives whom we can follow.  There might be any number of people we would look to as a personal role model, mentor, or leader, but isn’t there one person who must be our leader?  Isn’t there one person whom we need to follow? Isn’t it Jesus?

Jesus asks us to follow him.  Jesus asks us to keep him as the leader of our life. When we do that we simply recognize the truth:  “God placed all things under [Christ’s] feet and appointed him to be head over everything for the church, which is his body, the fullness of him who fills everything in every way.”  Without Jesus our lives would be in chaos and confusion because of our sin, but Jesus has removed that sin and offered us life in his name. Jesus demonstrated his leadership by laying down his life for his sheep. Now his leadership assures us that he watches over all things for our good.  His leadership guides us, encourages us, and strengthens us throughout life’s weary way.

Leadership is also important for Christians when they gather as the church. In Hebrews chapter thirteen God’s inspired writer notes that importance when he writes, “Remember your leaders who spoke the word of God to you.  Consider the outcome of their way of life and imitate their faith.”  Whenever a discussion of leadership comes up, a discussion of leadership qualities usually follows.  Notice the qualities mentioned in that verse.  Leaders speak the Word of God.  Leaders live an exemplary life.  Leaders demonstrate strong faith.  In consideration of those qualities, it’s obvious Christian leadership flows from following the leader – Jesus.

Leadership doesn’t always have to bring 250,000 people to gather for a march. When leadership is carried out as we follow our leader, Christ, it often may take on more subtle, but no less important, forms.  Parents are leaders when they teach their children the truths of God’s Word and love them.  A friend becomes a leader to us when we struggle with life’s difficulties and they stay by our side and offer words of comfort and encouragement. As you follow your leader, Jesus, note the examples of Christian leadership around you and look for the opportunities to be a leader.


List the qualities you seek in a leader.

Does your list change in any way when you consider Christian leadership?

What comforts can you expect knowing Christ is your leader?

What challenges can you expect knowing Christ is your leader?

Write a prayer asking God to help and strengthen you when you have the opportunity to be a leader.

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Grow in the Knowledge of Christ

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Grow in ChristPeter addresses his second letter recorded in the Bible to those who have received a precious faith.  He then proceeds to wish his audience grace and peace in abundance through the knowledge of God and of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Peter’s words are also addressed to you. You too have God’s grace.  You too have God’s peace.  You too have received something incredibly precious from the hand of our God.  With that precious gift you have you can now grow exponentially.  You can grow exponentially as you grow in the knowledge of Christ.

Kick off your own spiritual growth and join the family of Beautiful Savior from September 8 – September 29, Sunday mornings following worship, as we study 2 Peter and grow!

Check here for the study guides during those weeks.

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