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No Eye Has Seen Series

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As you look at your life, what do you see? Do you see any reason for joy?  Any reason for a sense of purpose?  Any reason for comfort?

That may depend on where you look.  Contemporary life and events seem to make it hard to see such vital things.  Perhaps we begin to think that no one sees them in their life. Maybe no eye has seen purpose, or joy, or comfort in a long time.

Yet, if you look in the right place, your eyes will see what they otherwise wouldn’t.  They will see no other God but the very one who has created you with incredible purpose; who has formed you with his very own hands to lead a fulfilled life of joy and comfort.

This God, the all-powerful deity ruling over heaven and earth, did something no eye had ever seen until he did it.  He sent his only Son to live and die for you. He sent his only Son to take the weakness and suffering and mistakes of your life into his own, so that you could enjoy freedom from them.  He sent his only Son to forgive you.  Prepare to see him in all his glory this Christmas. Prepare as you join us leading up to Christmas.

To see this God is to know that there is no other.  No eye has seen any other God, any other comfort, and any other joy than what is found in him.  Let’s seen him.

Series runs on Sundays, December 3 – December 17, at 9:30am

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Thy Kingdom Come

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The season of Advent is a time to prepare our hearts to welcome their rightful king.  Jesus’ kingdom is one of righteousness, peace, hope, and joy.  Yet, we can often lose sight of such things as we fall into the rhythms and rhetoric of the world which surrounds us.  Each of us also faces rivals to Jesus’ throne in our hearts.  In this series we focus on prophecies from Isaiah that direct us to watch and wait for Jesus’ kingdom. We will recite poetry of reflection and rejoicing in the importance of Jesus’ kingdom. We will listen to the gospel proclamation which assures us that Jesus came once as he promised and will come again. Finally, as God’s people we confidently pray, “Thy Kingdom Come.”

Please join us on these Sunday mornings at 9:30am.

November 27 – Unexpectedly Established

December 4– Wisdom, Righteousness, and Peace

December 11 – Everlasting Joy

December 18 – God With Us

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The Long Road To Christmas

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long road to xmasThere is always so much to do to get ready. Christmas takes planning and preparation. Sometimes there doesn’t seem to be enough time.  Sometimes there seems to be too much time.  We just want Christmas to get here so we can celebrate and enjoy it and be done with the stress of preparation.  Yet, without that preparation and planning, Christmas wouldn’t be enjoyable.

Hearts and minds also require preparation for Christmas.  Without such preparation, the true joy of Christmas would be lost. Sometimes, this preparation seems a long road to journey.  Those who awaited the first Christmas certainly felt it was a long road. All along that journey God spoke through his servants to reassure his people.

Join Beautiful Savior on Wednesday evenings in December as we journey The Long Road to Christmas.  We will discuss the words of the biblical book of Joel, as he prepared the people long ago and still prepares us today for the miracle, hope, and rejoicing Christmas brings.

Advent is the season of the church year that prepares our hearts and minds for the coming Savior.  We prepare not only for the celebration of his first coming at Christmas, but also the celebration of his second coming.  Beautiful Savior will hold Advent devotions on Wednesday December 3, 10, and 17.  Suppers will precede the services. The suppers will begin at 5:45pm with the services beginning at 6:30pm.

On the final night, December 17th, everyone is invited to bring a dozen of their favorite Christmas cookies and join in an extended time of fellowship.

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2013 Advent Family Devotions

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DevotionBelow are links to PDF devotions you can use weekly with your family during the Advent season.  Use this time to prepare for Christmas and to set a schedule for your family to gather around God’s Word.  These devotions will also reflect many of the scripture readings from Sunday worship at Beautiful Savior, helping you and your family to strengthen and reinforce the message of Sunday morning worship.

Week 1

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Advent Worship

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The Christmas Season has been coined the “cycle of light.”  Into a world of darkness came the Word made flesh, the true light, Jesus Christ. The time of Advent is the time we set aside in our church year to prepare for the coming of the Light.  Advent has a threefold meaning: 1) the coming of our Lord in the flesh at Christmas, 2) the coming of the Lord in his Word, and 3) the coming of our Lord in glory at the end of time.  Advent is a season of repentance along with joyful anticipation.

Christmas centers of the miracle of our God born to save us.  As this celebration approaches, take time to meditate on the preparations to be made in your own heart. Join us for worship in December as we plead Oh, Come, Oh, Come, Emmanuel.

Sunday morning services begin at 9:30am. These services will begin with a gathering rite built off of the words and music of Oh, Come, Oh, Come Emmanuel. 

Midweek meditative devotional services will be held at 6:30pm on Wednesday, December 4th, 11th, & 18th.

The service on the 18th will serve as the culmination of our midweek Advent preparation.  This service will follow a different format.  Families are encouraged to bring a tabletop advent wreath from home, and each member of the family can participate as we light the candles on the wreath as part of the service. Following this service we will have a time of fellowship.  Each family is encouraged to bring 1-2 dozen of their favorite Christmas cookie to share.


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