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The Hope of Easter

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Easter 2019 at Beautiful Savior

Hope is a beautiful word and a powerful force, but our hopes aren’t always realized.

Our hopes aren’t always realized.

Discover a hope that won’t disappoint – the Hope of Easter. Experience the good news of love, a new start, and the promise of eternal life – all connected to a world-changing event that brings hope.

Join us at Beautiful Savior for vibrant worship, an inspirational message, and a place for your family to discover The Hope of Easter

Easter Sunday

April 21st, 2019


Series Continues Through June 2nd.

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Jesus is…Redeemer

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JesusSpring is coming. (Hopefully!) Soon, at baseball games and track meets, many Americans across our country will join to sing our National Anthem: The Star-Spangled Banner. In that song we sing of “the land of the free and home of the brave.”

Do you feel free? Really free?  Or do you sometimes feel trapped?  Do you sometimes feel like a chain is shackled around your ankle? Do you feel the chains of work responsibilities that clink against home responsibilities?  Do you feel the chains of pain, or financial strain, or the chains of guilt as you look back at mistakes you’ve made?  All of those chains, and the clamp on our freedom we feel, are linked to the chain of death.  We only have one life to live and everyday the end is closer.

Soon, people around the country will join in singing another song.  On Easter Sunday their voices will ring out: “I Know that My Redeemer Lives.”  Samuel Medley wrote this hymn, but another man gave him the inspiration for the key line.  This man’s name was Job.  Thousands of years ago, in one of the darkest hours of his life, Job said, “I know that my Redeemer lives, and that in the end he will stand upon the earth.” (Job 19:25).

What is a redeemer? A redeemer is someone who delivers others out of trouble and grants them freedom by paying the great price that is on their head. Jesus is your Redeemer.

To think of Jesus as your redeemer, picture this:

The devil is pulling a huge caged wagon crammed full of prisoners.  You are one of those prisoners. Jesus stands in the middle of the roadway and asks, “Who are these people?”

“They are the world’s sinners.  I am taking them to hell with me,” the devil snaps back

Jesus looks at him and says, “I don’t want that. I will buy these people from you?”

“Ha-ha!” the devil sarcastically sneers, “You don’t know what you’re asking. The price is very high. And these people won’t even love you for it. They’ll doubt you, complain against you and even curse you!”

“That doesn’t matter. I will still buy them from you.”

“The only price high enough is your very life!”

Without hesitation Jesus responds, “I love them. I will pay the price.”

Jesus paid the price for you.  He paid with his life given up on a cross to release you from your prison and give you true freedom.  And then something incredible and amazing happened. Jesus rose from the dead.  That is the celebration of Easter – that your Redeemer is alive and your Redeemer says to you, “Because I live, you also will live!” (John 14:19)

Jesus is your Redeemer.  He gives you true freedom each and every day.  This Easter celebrate what Jesus, your Redeemer, has done for you.

“I know that my Redeemer lives, and that in the end he will stand upon the earth.” – Job

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Uplifted Series

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Do you ever feel down after Christmas ends and the celebration of the New Year has settled? Do you wonder what more there is to look forward to? Do you feel bogged down by the return to the routines of life? Do you wish someone or something could lift you and your spirits?

Jesus does! Jesus lifts you up to feel something special, to be someone special, and to do something special. Jesus lifts you up to see him in incredible ways and to follow him with your life. Some days your life in Jesus may be a challenge, but Jesus will lift you up to meet that challenge.

You are…uplifted!

Join us for worship starting January 26th for this series!

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I Need More…Joy!

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After hastily opening the wrapped package and making the obligatory “thank you’s”, it certainly didn’t take long to turn away from the thoughtful gift as something ho hum.

Then three year old Eleanor came along, stopped by the discarded item, and exclaimed, “What a beautiful gift! Is that yours? You must be so happy?”

As she walked away I thought to myself, “Why don’t I have joy like that?”

At times we have those feelings which cause us to cry out, “I need more joy in my life!” It’s even true at this time of year. For one reason or another we find ourselves lacking joy. There are indications everywhere that joy should fill our lives. Decorations are going up inside and outside. Christmas music surrounds us and cards start arriving daily.

Some days the festive joy does fill our hearts as we excitedly go about our holiday shopping and schedule planning. Yet, deep down we know this joy will not last. Planning becomes overwhelming, schedules start falling apart and decorating gets tiresome. Above all, we know from experience, there will be no joy when we find we don’t have enough money to purchase the perfect gift or when credit card payments come due. All of that may lead us to shout out, “I need real joy! I need joy that will last!”

Here’s some great news. Christmas brings us joy that does last—the true joy found in Jesus.

With a love we cannot comprehend, our heavenly Father gave his only Son, born to be save us. Starting in the manger in which he was laid up until he was placed on the stone slab of a borrowed tomb, Jesus lived the life of perfect obedience all of us are unable to live. Each and every evil thought, evil word and evil deed we have done has been picked from us by our heavenly Father and placed on Jesus. On Calvary’s cross, Jesus bowed his head in death declaring, “It is finished.” These words of Jesus bring us true joy. They mean that all is done and Easter’s announcement “He Is Risen!” guarantees that God our Father has accepted Jesus’ life and death as payment in full for all our sins. Easter’s announcement guarantees the announcement of Christmas: “A Savior has been born to you; he is Christ the Lord.” True, lasting joy is found in the forgiveness of sins that is ours through Jesus.

While we are in the midst of the season when it seems hard to keep joy in our lives, focus on the true Joy Giver. Ponder again the words of the angels to the shepherds, “Today in the town of David, a Savior has been born. He is Christ the Lord.” Come and worship the Babe born in Bethlehem, and may God the Holy Spirit fill you with a joy that never ends.

Join us this Christmas to hear about the child born to save us!

Christmas Worship 2013 at Beautiful Savior


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