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September 2013

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Follow the Leader

The last week of August marked a significant milestone in American history. Fifty years ago on August 28th, 1963 the civil rights March on Washington took place, during which Martin Luther King Jr. presented his famous “I Have a Dream” speech. The March was an impressive feat.  Over 250,000 people gathered on the National Mall in Washington D.C. That took organization. That took planning. That took leadership. Not only was leadership important for organizing and maintaining a peaceful march, leadership was also necessary to encourage the people who gathered and give them direction.  It took leadership to rally those 250,000 people.

Leadership is critical to accomplishment.  Without leadership things quickly fall apart, so we look for leaders to emerge in our lives whom we can follow.  There might be any number of people we would look to as a personal role model, mentor, or leader, but isn’t there one person who must be our leader?  Isn’t there one person whom we need to follow? Isn’t it Jesus?

Jesus asks us to follow him.  Jesus asks us to keep him as the leader of our life. When we do that we simply recognize the truth:  “God placed all things under [Christ’s] feet and appointed him to be head over everything for the church, which is his body, the fullness of him who fills everything in every way.”  Without Jesus our lives would be in chaos and confusion because of our sin, but Jesus has removed that sin and offered us life in his name. Jesus demonstrated his leadership by laying down his life for his sheep. Now his leadership assures us that he watches over all things for our good.  His leadership guides us, encourages us, and strengthens us throughout life’s weary way.

Leadership is also important for Christians when they gather as the church. In Hebrews chapter thirteen God’s inspired writer notes that importance when he writes, “Remember your leaders who spoke the word of God to you.  Consider the outcome of their way of life and imitate their faith.”  Whenever a discussion of leadership comes up, a discussion of leadership qualities usually follows.  Notice the qualities mentioned in that verse.  Leaders speak the Word of God.  Leaders live an exemplary life.  Leaders demonstrate strong faith.  In consideration of those qualities, it’s obvious Christian leadership flows from following the leader – Jesus.

Leadership doesn’t always have to bring 250,000 people to gather for a march. When leadership is carried out as we follow our leader, Christ, it often may take on more subtle, but no less important, forms.  Parents are leaders when they teach their children the truths of God’s Word and love them.  A friend becomes a leader to us when we struggle with life’s difficulties and they stay by our side and offer words of comfort and encouragement. As you follow your leader, Jesus, note the examples of Christian leadership around you and look for the opportunities to be a leader.


List the qualities you seek in a leader.

Does your list change in any way when you consider Christian leadership?

What comforts can you expect knowing Christ is your leader?

What challenges can you expect knowing Christ is your leader?

Write a prayer asking God to help and strengthen you when you have the opportunity to be a leader.

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Catch the Wave Series

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catchthewave_200Jesus made a promise when he ascended into heaven.  His church would grow as his followers were witnesses to all the ends of the earth. Jesus’ Church continues to grow by leaps and bounds. While we in America are often distracted by the pursuit of “the good life”, huge portions of the world are hungry for the gospel of Jesus and finding it via technology and the world-wide internet.

Some have described this surge in the growth of the church as a tsunami—only one that brings heaven instead of hell.

These are exciting times for mission work all over the world and there are so many ways that we can “get in” on what’s happening. Every Christian needs to find a way to catch the wave and take advantage of the opportunities out there to bring Jesus to people who are hungry and thirsty for Him.

Get ready to be awed and inspired in this series as we talk about what’s exciting in the Church around the world and share opportunities for all God’s people to “catch the wave.”

Join us for this worship series from Sunday May 12 through Sunday June 2.

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April 2013

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The Beauty of Easter

Easter was beautiful, wasn’t it!  Sure the day started with rain and cold – a little of the gloominess that the women who first went out to Jesus tomb felt.  As the sun rose, and the clouds dispersed, Easter Sunday became a beautiful day.  Beautiful Savior’s space was decorated with bright flowers – lilies and tulips and hyacinths – the fresh flower smell permeated the worship space.  Voices joined in the songs we love to sing on Easter Sunday – songs that shout of the victory Jesus won.  Those who attended Beautiful Savior joined together to enjoy the worship, enjoy the gospel, and enjoy each other’s company.  Easter was a beautiful day!

What makes Easter so beautiful really isn’t the decorations, sunshine, and flowers. Easter is beautiful because of the truth it brings to us.  Easter is beautiful because on Easter we remember that Jesus rose to life and all of his promises to us are sure and certain.  On Easter we know that what Jesus shared with Elizabeth at Lazarus’ funeral is sure and certain:

I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in me will never die.” (John 11:25)

Easter is beautiful!  Easter means not only that Jesus has life, but that all who put their trust in him also have life.  Not just the life we live right now, but a life that never ends; a life that never experiences real death; a life that is completely fulfilling because it is a life lived in the warmth and light of God’s love; life that is beautiful, because it is no longer smudged and tainted with the darkness of sin; life that God says is a wonderful fragrance that permeates to him and in which he finds pleasure because we have been washed clean in Jesus’ blood; life that is filled with songs of joy and praise; life that swells with the shouts of victory.

The question Jesus asks you is the same question Jesus asked Elizabeth, “Do you believe this?”  Do you believe in everything that is beautiful about Easter?  Do you believe in Jesus’ resurrection?  Do you believe you have the life Jesus promises to you?  If so, what does it lead you to do?  Will you allow Easter to be “one and done”?  Do you only celebrate with exuberance and beauty for one day, or is Easter an every day celebration for you?  Jesus wants the beauty of Easter to shine on every day of your life.  Jesus wants the fragrance of Easter to fill your life every day.  Jesus wants songs of victory to be sung everyday of your life.  Let Easter be more than just a beautiful day.  Let Easter bring a beautiful life.


How might you keep Easter as a part of every day?

Write a prayer asking God to help you keep your focus on the beauty of Easter every day.


Beautiful Savior Welcomes Festival Singers

On Sunday April 14th, Beautiful Savior will be blessed to have numerous young singers lending their voices to our worship service.  The Festival Singers of Michigan Lutheran High School, St. Joseph, Michigan, will be contributing four anthems to our worship service.  Michigan Lutheran High School is funded and organized by the WELS churches in the southwestern area of Michigan and the Northwestern area of Indiana.

While you might say that Michigan Lutheran High School is like any high school in regards to the students, the curriculum, and the extra-curricular activities, there are many things that make it different.  Jesus Christ, and the gospel message, is the central focus of everything MLHS does.  Every class.  Every sport.  Every event.  Every day.  It truly is a blessing to have this vehicle for Christian Education so close to Beautiful Savior.  It also is truly a blessing that we are able to hear and be uplifted by the voices and talents of these students.

Enjoy the Festival Singers when they visit Beautiful Savior.  Thank them for coming.  Pray for them and for the continued opportunities MLHS has to proclaim the gospel and keep Christ at the center of everything they do.

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Friendship Effect

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Download the lesson guides from our Friendship Effect Bible Study here.

1 Concern 4 Strength
2 Criticism 5 Communication
3 Trust 6 Character


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