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Christmas 2019

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God So Loved the World

We all desire love – reciprocal, inexplicable, unconditional.

But such a love is also impossible, right?

This Christmas discover the inexplicable, unconditional love of God.

God looked at this broken world and loved it. He sent his Son to bring God’s love and forgiveness to people in desperate need of both. The child born in a Bethlehem stable came to live for us, die for us, and rise from the dead to be our Savior.

Join us to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ! Our worship will feature an inspiring message, favorite Christmas carols, and a place to find God’s, world-changing love.

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son…

John 3:16

Christmas Eve Candlelight Service

Tuesday, December 24th 2019


Christmas Day Celebration Service

Wednesday, December 25th 2019


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Christmas 2018

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A Light in the Darkness

The world can be a dark place. We see it in the news. We see it in our lives. On the first Christmas, a brilliant light pierced the darkness. The child born in a Bethlehem stable had come to bring the light of forgiveness and peace to a darkened world. Join us to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ! Our Christmas worship will feature and inspiring message, favorite Christmas carols, and a place to bask in the light of the Christ-child.

A Savior has been born to you; he is Christ the Lord.

Christmas Eve Worship

Candlelight Service – 4:30pm

Christmas Day Worship

Celebration Service – 9:30am

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He Comes, Bearing Gifts

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Curly head dolls that toddle and coo. Elephants, boats, and kiddie cars too. Santa Claus is comin’ to town.

You’ll hear those lyrics often during the holiday season—a song about a man who’s coming to bring all sorts of gifts. But, are they really gifts? The definition of a gift is “something given voluntarily without payment or condition.” The man in the red suit has conditions:

You better watch out. You better not cry. You better not pout.
He knows if you’ve been bad or good, so be good…

If you give someone a gift only if they meet certain qualifications, that is not a gift.

There is one who is coming, bearing real gifts, profoundly important gifts. Jesus came that first Christmas to win forgiveness and give all the gifts that come with it: hope, peace, joy, love. He is coming again at the end of this world to give you the gift of resurrection to eternal life. In the season of Advent, we connect Christ’s first coming with his second coming. We rejoice in all the unconditional gifts he gives. 

He is coming, bearing gifts. Let us prepare our hearts to meet him.

Join us on Sundays, December 2nd, 9th, and 16th for this series. 


On Sunday, December 23rd, there will be a special children’s service. 

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Christmas 2017

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For millennia this world has been locked in a cosmic battle waged between the forces of evil and the forces of good; the servants of light and the servants of darkness.

No, this is not the opening line to the next Marvel movie release. This is a description of the world which you inhabit.  You also play a role in this cosmic battle. How is the war going?

Does darkness prevail? The news cycle barely breaks from the last outburst of violence and another tragedy of bomb, blade, or bullet breaks our hearts. Or perhaps our hearts are shattered enough by the darkness that has invaded your own life – marriage crumbles, addictions grow, relationships tear apart.

Yes, the battle between good and evil seems to wage with ever greater force, but one event changed the course of that battle for all time. A baby was born. Laid to rest in a manger. Not just any baby, this baby was the light of the world.  He came into the world on the first Christmas, and we’ve celebrated this arrival every year since. The light of Jesus Christ shines into the darkness of our world and the darkness will not overcome it. Light shall reign.

This Christmas join us to discover the hope, peace, and confidence Jesus brings and to know that Light Shall Reign forever.

Christmas Eve

Candlelight Worship – 6:30pm

There will not be Sunday morning worship on December 24th.

Christmas Day

Celebration Worship – 9:30am

Worship series continues on Sundays, December 31 – February 11 at 9:30am.

Series Messages

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No Eye Has Seen Series

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As you look at your life, what do you see? Do you see any reason for joy?  Any reason for a sense of purpose?  Any reason for comfort?

That may depend on where you look.  Contemporary life and events seem to make it hard to see such vital things.  Perhaps we begin to think that no one sees them in their life. Maybe no eye has seen purpose, or joy, or comfort in a long time.

Yet, if you look in the right place, your eyes will see what they otherwise wouldn’t.  They will see no other God but the very one who has created you with incredible purpose; who has formed you with his very own hands to lead a fulfilled life of joy and comfort.

This God, the all-powerful deity ruling over heaven and earth, did something no eye had ever seen until he did it.  He sent his only Son to live and die for you. He sent his only Son to take the weakness and suffering and mistakes of your life into his own, so that you could enjoy freedom from them.  He sent his only Son to forgive you.  Prepare to see him in all his glory this Christmas. Prepare as you join us leading up to Christmas.

To see this God is to know that there is no other.  No eye has seen any other God, any other comfort, and any other joy than what is found in him.  Let’s seen him.

Series runs on Sundays, December 3 – December 17, at 9:30am

Series Messages

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Thy Kingdom Come

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Thy Kingdom Come1200w

The season of Advent is a time to prepare our hearts to welcome their rightful king.  Jesus’ kingdom is one of righteousness, peace, hope, and joy.  Yet, we can often lose sight of such things as we fall into the rhythms and rhetoric of the world which surrounds us.  Each of us also faces rivals to Jesus’ throne in our hearts.  In this series we focus on prophecies from Isaiah that direct us to watch and wait for Jesus’ kingdom. We will recite poetry of reflection and rejoicing in the importance of Jesus’ kingdom. We will listen to the gospel proclamation which assures us that Jesus came once as he promised and will come again. Finally, as God’s people we confidently pray, “Thy Kingdom Come.”

Please join us on these Sunday mornings at 9:30am.

November 27 – Unexpectedly Established

December 4– Wisdom, Righteousness, and Peace

December 11 – Everlasting Joy

December 18 – God With Us

Series Sermons

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Christmas 2016

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2016 ChristmasDo mistakes, failures, or missed opportunities plague your mind even as you prepare for Christmas? There is hope in the baby who was born to make all things new. This Christmas discover how one moment in time changed everything for eternity. Please join us! Beautiful Savior’s worship will feature an inspiring message, Christmas carols old and new, and a place for you to connect with your Savior, who makes all things new.

Christmas Eve Candlelight Service

December 24 – 6:30pm

Christmas Day Celebration Service

December 25 – 9:30am


This worship series will continue on Sunday mornings following Christmas as we look at everything that is now new: A New Journey, New Life, New Hope, New Love, New Purpose, and New Vision.

Join us on Sunday mornings from January 1-February 5 at 9:30am.

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Burning Questions: Do we really live in the End Times?

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Burning_QuestionsBlack Friday, Cyber Monday, A Charlie Brown Christmas, Frosty the Snowman, and Santa Parades – no doubt about it, we are in the thick of the “holiday season.” The commercials and holiday specials on TV attempt to dictate what life should be like this time of year; families smiling and laughing, hugging and celebrating. Does your life look and feel anything like those overly produced moments you see? Or does stress and anxiety steal away the laughter and delight of your holiday experience? Does the chaos of this life and the whirlwind of increasingly busy schedules make you long for something more rather than feel fulfilled?

Stress and anxiety, pain and even hardship, whether at this time of year or anytime, is no surprise.  We live in the End Times; the last days before the end of the world comes.

Really? Yes.

So what? What difference does that make?

We shouldn’t be surprise when life isn’t the Hollywood ideal. God tells us why.  There is sin in this world, that is, rebellion against the God who rules it. Because of that rebellion, God says that this life is going to be troublesome. He even warns that wickedness will increase until the end.

However, you can live in the End Times like the child who watches the calendar for Christmas. You can live with his eager excitement, because you too can wait for a gift. You will not wait for toys and games wrapped in shiny paper – this is much, much better. As an early Christian, named Paul, wrote in the Bible: “I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us” (Romans 8:18).

The same God who recognizes the rebellion of all people, promised a Savior to rescue you from the consequences of that rebellion. He followed through on that promise when he sent Jesus to pay the price for everyone’s sinful rebellion by dying on the cross. That Savior, Jesus, was born at the very first Christmas. God’s forgiveness is yours. In Jesus you are God’s dear child. As his child you can be eager for all his gifts, especially his gift of rescue out of this world of hardship and into an eternal life where only good exists.

Jesus’ humble birth, his live lived rightly and justly, his innocent death, and his powerful resurrection assure you of one thing: his love. You do live in the End Times, and those times may sometimes be dark, but God’s love always shines brightly. Because of Jesus and the gift of salvation he won for us, when he comes God will take you to be with him forever in heaven. These End Times will give way to an eternity of true joy!

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On the Watch for Christmas

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On Watch for ChristThe signs of Christmas are starting to appear: Shopping, lights, ornaments – all the preparations point to a celebration. There is good reason to celebrate, for Christmas is our remembrance of our Savior’s coming to earth to be humbly born as a baby. We dare not lose sight of the precious gift of God that came to us.  We must also prepare our hearts to welcome Christ there, not only as we look at his first coming, but as we welcome him now, and as we look forward to his return in glory. May we always be on the watch, not just for Christmas, but for Christ.

Join us at Beautiful Savior, beginning Sunday, November 29th, 2015, for this sermon series that will focus our hearts on the preparations to be made there.

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Jesus Is…Immanuel

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JesusIn 1995 Joan Osborne released the song “One of Us.” Catchy tune. Provocative lyrics. A repeated question: “What if God was one of us…just a slob like one of us?”

I don’t know the songwriter’s intent in asking the question. Was there a searching desire to know the answer? Or was it a commentary on God as he is often portrayed and perceived—a distant god who doesn’t care about the human condition? I don’t know. However, I do know that in the Bible God gives an answer to the song’s question.

God is one of us. Come again? It’s true! God is one of us. In the Bible we are told of a promise God made to become one with the human race: …they will call him Immanuel—which means, God with us. Those words are spoken of Jesus Christ at the time of his birth. Jesus is true God and true man at the same time! This is the mystery and miracle of Christmas. This is the mystery and meaning of the special name for Jesus, Immanuel.

Let that thought sink in during these days around Christmas. God is one of us! When you have a rough day and it seems like nobody cares, remember: God is one of us! Jesus knows and cares because he once lived in our world. Jesus knew rough days more than most. He was innocent of all wrongdoing, and yet he suffered humiliation and scorn. He hadn’t hurt anyone or broken a single law of man or of God and yet he was sentenced to death.

Jesus died…for no fault of his own, but rather because that’s what he came to do. He was given human life in birth at Christmas so that he could give up that human life though death and fix our status before God. We have been slobs in the way we’ve lived before God. We do deserve his anger for disobedience to his commands and  the arrogance of life lived to our own standards. Jesus became, not a slob like one of us, but a slob instead of us! He died on the cross in our place, and then he rose again to life in victory over death itself.

What if God was one of us? In Jesus he was and still is! Through faith in Jesus we have what he came into our world to win—complete forgiveness of sins and eternal life. That’s the story of Immanuel. That’s the story of Christmas.


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