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I am Going to Die…And Jesus Makes It OK

March 29, 2020
Human mortality is unavoidable, but God promises to breathe life into our mortal bodies by the same Spirit who raised Jesus from the grave. Listening…

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Son of Man Goes Forth to War

To Whom Shall We Go?

While Jesus has a true "Wow! factor, many might react with "Ugh!" Yet, Jesus offers powerful words of hope that bring eternal life.

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Live by the Spirit

March 22, 2020
There are two radically different mindsets we can have, one leads to death, the other to life and peace. Jesus gives us the mind set of peace that allows us…

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God Is Not Your Boss

March 15, 2020
When we see God as our overbearing boss, it steals the confidence and joy he desires we have. When we recognize God operates by grace through faith, we enjoy the…

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A Church of Light

March 8, 2020
When you start with darkness there isn't anything that you can do to manipulate or fix it, unless you are God and your love for the people who are darkness…

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God’s Greatest Cure

March 1, 2020
A lethal outbreak has occurred in this world. God diagnosis it. God also delivers the cure for it.

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Find Your Confidence In Jesus

February 23, 2020
Jesus is able to remove our fears, give us confidence, and surround us with the positive motivation we need in our lives.

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You Are Reconciled

February 16, 2020
Jesus knows that relationships are important. He provides the best advice for when relationships get damaged.

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Jesus Makes Your Life Matter

February 9, 2020
We all want our lives to matter and make an impact. Jesus says yours can. He says your does. And he has the promise to back it up.

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How to Go to Church and Like It!

February 2, 2020
Guest Pastor Paul Lindloff encourages us in our worship as he looks at Psalm 1.


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