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Jesus Proved Himself King

November 24, 2019
Sometimes we challenge Jesus to "prove it" when it comes to his claims about himself. In his very sacrifice and weakness we see how he has truly proven himself to…

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An Everlasting Family

November 17, 2019
God's Word paints beautiful pictures of the life in store for his everlasting family, of which we are a part as children of the resurrection in Jesus.

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God’s Judgment Is Right

November 10, 2019
When we struggle with affliction or persecution, we can remember that God's judgment is right.  We can hold to the promise that we have been counted worthy of his kingdom…

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Being His Disciple

November 3, 2019
What does it take to belong to the family of God?  What does it require of you to be Jesus' disciple? He has made you one, and he invites you…

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Where the Lost are Found

October 27, 2019
The church is a gathering of the lost who have been found in Jesus, and it is a true celebration of incredible joy.

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Welcome Home

October 20, 2019
Jesus loved us so much that he became our brother, and he is present in his church among all his, and our, brothers and sisters.


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