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Hosanna – Save Us Now!

April 14, 2019
The cries and shouts of Palm Sunday become our own as we welcome our King, who has saved us.

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Christ’s Authority as Son and Cornerstone

April 7, 2019
God has graciously sent his very own Son with the authority to save us that we might make him the cornerstone of our lives.

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The Scandal of Christ’s Cross

March 31, 2019
What seems like foolishness in the philosophy of our world is the very power and wisdom of God to save that world.

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God’s Answer for “Why?”

March 24, 2019
When we ask for the answer and reason behind horrific events, the horrific nature of our own hearts is revealed. Thankfully, our God is patient, full of grace, and able…

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God’s Best Laid Plan

March 17, 2019
Jesus was determined to accomplish God's goal of our salvation.

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In the Ring With Satan

March 10, 2019
Every day we are in a grueling battle against Satan and his heavy-hitting fists, but our power against temptation comes because of Christ, the contender for the human cause. He…


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