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Jesus’ Victory Renews Your Heart

When we ask, "When will it all be over?" because our fear and frustration has grown, God calls us to shift our perspective to the eternal glory he has given…

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Jesus’ Victory Means You Are not Alone

The paths of our lives may leave us feeling lost and alone (and Mother's feel this too!), but Jesus' promises remind us that he is with us. [button style="enigma_btn_black" size="enigma_btn_large"…

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Only One Shepherd Is Victorious

God desires to protect us and keep us safe as we hear the voice of Jesus alone, and enter through Jesus alone. Listening Guide

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Easter Overcomes a Perplexing World

This confusing, perplexing world can drive us to despair, but the victorious message of Jesus' empty tomb overcomes the perplexing world around us. Listening Guide

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Jesus’ Resurrection Overcomes Skepticism

Many things challenge our belief and cause us to approach God's Word with skepticism, yet the eyewitness accounts of Jesus' resurrection overcome our own skepticism and give us incredible peace.…

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One Victorious Empty Tomb

Even our dreamed up Super heroes are mortal, but Easter gives us a message even greater than the comic books. Jesus rose from the grave in victory, and give us…


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