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Find Your Confidence In Jesus

February 23, 2020
Jesus is able to remove our fears, give us confidence, and surround us with the positive motivation we need in our lives.

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You Are Reconciled

February 16, 2020
Jesus knows that relationships are important. He provides the best advice for when relationships get damaged.

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Jesus Makes Your Life Matter

February 9, 2020
We all want our lives to matter and make an impact. Jesus says yours can. He says your does. And he has the promise to back it up.

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How to Go to Church and Like It!

February 2, 2020
Guest Pastor Paul Lindloff encourages us in our worship as he looks at Psalm 1.

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To Our God and His Testimony

January 26, 2020
There are some dangerous places in which we might seek the spiritual foundation and enlightenment we desire. We are called to turn to God in and through his Word and…

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God’s Redemption Sets Life’s Value

January 19, 2020
When we wrestle with modern value of life issues, it's God's redemptive love that show us the great value he has assigned to all life.

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Jesus Has The Credentials

January 12, 2020
When you come to Jesus to change your life, you need to know if he has the right credentials. Is he just OK, or so much more than OK? Jesus'…


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