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Arise Without Terror

July 12, 2020
Jesus knows that his call into his service is one in which we will face push back and rejection. He provides the promises that will take away our fear, and…

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Jesus’ Workers Arise Upon Compassion

June 28, 2020
As Jesus sees the plentiful harvest of people for his kingdom, his deep compassion drives him to send his workers with the same compassion. Listening…

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Jesus Comes With his Mercy

June 21, 2020
Fatherhood is fun! Fatherhood is also hard. Fathers make mistakes. We all make mistakes. Jesus comes with his miraculous mercy and calls us to follow him and invites us into…

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Arise Upon the Rock

June 14, 2020
Hypocrisy is an often-cited criticism of Christianity.  Sometimes it is a fair one, but it is also what makes Christianity truly authentic.  Jesus himself calls us away from a shallow,…

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Arise Upon the Triune God

June 7, 2020
Each of us must humbly admit a deep propensity to racism, so that through God's reconciliation we can arise above racism and to reconciliation. Listening…

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Arise Upon the Holy Spirit

May 31, 2020
God has given us a sizable task as he calls us to do something for his kingdom. Yet, he also gives us a powerful tool to draw men and women…

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Do Something

May 24, 2020
Sometimes we are tempted to look to heaven and ask, "Why don't you do something?" God has given us promises of his gifts that we can use for his purposes.…


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