Every day is filled with expectations, isn’t it? There are expectations made of you and you have expectations of others.

What can you expect of Beautiful Savior?  You can expect that we will share with you the truth of the God’s Word.  You can expect that we will back everything we say and do with the Word of God.  You can expect that we love you with a love that cares for you personally and deeply.  You can expect we will constantly work to make our church an integral part of your life.  You can expect to find family at Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church.

What can you expect of a visit to Beautiful Savior? You can expect a warm environment.  You can expect some people to be dressed up, others not so dressed up.  You can expect a few good singers and a few not so good ones.  You can expect a message that deeply impacts your life.  You can expect a focus on Jesus Christ.

Pastor Kevin BoushekYou can expect to worship.Worship. Grow. Live.

You can expect to grow.

You can expect to live.

In Christ,

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