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Amazing Love

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Amazing Love

“I love you!”

Three words we speak very often. To our children, to our spouse, to the friend who is crushed and heartbroken, to the friend who is exuberant and ecstatic.

That short, little three-word phrase is intended to overflow with meaning. “I love you” is not supposed to be flippant, or meaningless, or sarcastic, or devoid of emotion. Yet, how often has that phrase lost its charm and charisma because it seems less than heartfelt?  How often do you yourself struggle to demonstrate what you claim with that phrase? Our love can often be imperfect. 

Maybe you’ve been the recipient of such imperfect love in your life, that you have given up on love all together. Not just that you have given up on dating, or marriage, but on the whole idea that people can show one another love. Our world seems to struggle mightily to demonstrate real love. We have become great at conditional love; love that depends on who you are and what you do for me.

Jesus says, “I love you!”

And Jesus means it.

Jesus shows it.

It is unconditional.

It is amazing.

When Jesus says it, that phrase is not flippant, or sarcastic, or charmless, or less than heartfelt.  When Jesus says, “I love you,” his phrase overflows with meaning and with his very own blood that was spilled out upon the cross for you.

Jesus loves you. Whether you feel great or small, whether you are rich or poor, whether you are afflicted or at ease, Jesus loves you.  He loves you with that type of love that knows exactly what you need. Jesus loves you. Jesus has loved you. Jesus will love you – and always with his Amazing Love.

Join us for this worship series on Sundays, October 7-28, 2018, at 9:30am. 

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Filthy Religion

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Filthy Religion

Christians are…arrogant. Churches are….judgmental. 

“They all think they are so perfect, but hypocrisy abounds in their community clubs!”

Have you ever heard Christians and churches described that way?  Have you formed those opinions of Christians and their churches yourself?

Caricatures of the Christian religion have developed over centuries and over the last several decades. For some, Christians and churches need to admit the wrongful actions and attitudes that have produced such caricatures. For others, simple misunderstandings need to be cleared up. Maybe your experiences have made you sick and wary of religion altogether.

There is religion that is pure and noble, with something amazing to offer you. There is an authentic spirituality and faith you can find in promises of God in Jesus. As we practice such faith, and join with others in such faith, messes occur, but the Word of God provides the guidance and truth to develop authentic community and faith.

Join us as we discuss Filthy Religion and answer the call of God to a faith that is pure, noble, and authentic.

Sundays, September 2-23 at 9:30am

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Life Under the Sun

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Sometimes life seems to overflow with potential. We are sure we can and will change the world. Somewhere along the line that changes. We realize that all our hard work and effort doesn’t really seem to get us anywhere. Earlier dreams of changing the world begin to fade into the monotony of daily life. We begin to ask questions we may not have previously contemplated.

Why are we here? What is our purpose? Where do we find meaning in everyday—meaning that will motivate and empower us to push forward?

A wise man named Solomon contemplated and examined these same questions and issues thousands of years ago. As we examine his conclusions, we will also look to another man who provided better answers full of meaning and substance.

Join us for this series, Sundays, July 29 – August 26, 2018. Worship takes place at 9:30am.

Series Messages

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The blockbusters have hit the big screen. Capes. Masks. Ripping muscles. Body armor. Witty one-liners. Such are the signs of our superheroes with superpowers. Fictions captivate our minds and imaginations, as these heroes face insurmountable odds yet overcome. Their strength and tenacity amazes. Their grit and determination motivates. Their comedy in the face of tragedy lifts our spirits.

Our superheroes with their superpowers give us hope. The hope that there is strength beyond what we can muster. Hope that people can see others in need and intervene. Hope that this world can be a better place. Hope that in the end good can conquer evil, but then we step out of the movie theater or turn off the TV. Perhaps we are left wondering if such hopes are foolish.

Such hopes are not foolish, but they are found in fact, not fiction. Join us as we see Jesus is the hero we need, with the superpower to strengthen us.

This worship series runs from June 24 – July 22, 2018.


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Modern Family

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You can choose your friends but you can’t pick your family.

Though they are the closest people to us, related by blood and more, family relationships can sometimes be the most challenging of our lives. They can have the opportunity to be those with the greatest rewards. In this series, we will gain God’s perspective on how to navigate through the complexities of family life today. No matter what your family looks like for real, God can get it on a path towards ideal.

Please join us for this worship series that runs from May 13 – June 17, Mother’s Day to Father’s Day, 2018. Worship services are held at 9:30am.



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Branches Worship Series Graphic

On Easter we came alive to Jesus’ resurrection from the dead. We can continue to come alive to the power of his resurrection for our own lives as we realize the new identity he has given us.

I am the vine; you are the branches.

Jesus said these words about us. We are branches connected to this life-giving vine.  During this worship series, we will explore the confidence and comfort we have as Jesus’ resurrection power flows in and through us. The words of 1 John will guide us as we grow in our knowledge of Jesus’ promises and power.

Join us on Sundays, April 8 – May 5, at 9:30am.

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Encouraging Words…For Guilt

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God’s Encouraging Word…

When I am Burdened with Guilt

Megan’s past weighed heavily on her conscience.  She lived under a soul-crushing conviction that the death of her nine-year-old daughter was the way God paid her back for her terrible life choices.

Nick resigned to live the rest of his life in despair.  His wife had begged him to get help for his alcoholism through their entire marriage.  Now she was gone and so was any opportunity to make up for the time he had lost because he was a lousy husband and father.  It was too late.

Johnny’s head hung low as he dissolved into tears.  When he looked up, he asked, “What kind of person would steal from his own family?”  He knew the answer.  That’s why he sobbed.

Do you feel guilt?  Does it hit you like a wrecking ball when you are confronted with the horrifying truth of how much damage and pain you’ve caused?  Does it leave you hopeless because you are faced with the fact that you’re never going to be the person you know you should be?  That if there is a God who is holy and perfect and expects the same of his people, then you are a failure and you don’t deserve anything good from him?

You should know something about all those people mentioned above.  They all found relief from guilt.  They found it in the only place it can be found—in that holy, perfect God who pledges, “I, even I, am he who blots out your transgressions, for my own sake, and remembers your sins no more.”

You might think your sins and weaknesses define you.  They don’t.  Not in God’s eyes.  You know how you highlight a phrase and then hit “delete” when you are editing a document?  God did that with your sins, that is, all your mistakes and your failures to be kind and love others.  He not only doesn’t see them anymore, he doesn’t even remember them.  He doesn’t recall the worst things you’ve done or your habitual failings.  Your sins not only don’t define you to God, they don’t condemn you to his punishment either.

How is that possible?  God loved you with a love so amazing that he charged his Son, Jesus, with your sins and punished him in your place.  All of the ways you have sinned or ever will sin have been paid for.  They are not on your record or clinging to your identity anymore.

Believe it. In Jesus, you can live unburdened by guilt and with a joyful freedom of forgiveness.

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Easter 2018

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Come Alive


Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church Invites the Community to the “Come Alive” Holy Week Series

Everyone in the community is invited to attend Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church for Easter Sunday worship at 9:30AM, April 1st.

This season is a time of celebration, and everyone is welcome to join us. More than 2,000 years ago, God’s plan of redemption altered the world forever. We will focus on the significance of Jesus’ life and death, and what his journey means for our own today. We need not look down in fear or defeat, but hold our heads high, focus on the cross, and come alive to the ultimate sacrifice. We can look with incredible joy, focus on the resurrection, and come alive to Jesus’ incredible power.

Easter Sunday will be packed with relevant worship and a hopeful message of victory and strength. A gift will be offered to all visitors. At 10:45AM following worship, a brunch will be hosted to meet people, make connections, and start new friendships – all are welcome to attend. This is the perfect opportunity for families throughout the community to come together to celebrate this special season.


Maundy Thursday Worship – Thursday, March 29th at 7:00pm.

Good Friday Worship – Friday, March 30th at 7:00pm.

Easter Sunday Worship – Sunday, April 1st at 9:30am.

Beautiful Savior is located at 3628 W. JOHNSON RD. in LA PORTE. For more information call 219-363-6164.

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People of the Passion


People of the Passion

People of the Passion

People are passionate. They are passionate about sports, whether to vaccinate or not, politics; blue or red, conservative or liberal. People are passionate about colas, coffee, and country. Our most serious passions tend to divide us, yet a closer look at our lives demonstrates that our struggles, questions, and fears are shared.  We are more alike than we realize, not only in our faults and failures, but also in our need for a Savior.  Jesus, that savior, was passionate about us.  His passion for us became passion suffered in our place to free us. That’s something worth being passionate about.

In this worship series, we will take a look at the people of Jesus’ passion nearly 2000 years ago.  We might feel so far removed from those individuals we can’t imagine we share anything in common, but their struggles, questions, fears, and temptations are contemporary.=

What can we learn about these people of the passion?  What can we learn from them? What will they teach us about ourselves and our own struggles in faith? During the 40 days leading up to Easter, we will take a closer look at these people of the passion, and we just might see each other too.

This season discover how you too are among the people of the passion – Jesus’ passionate love for you.

Begins Ash Wednesday, February 14th, at 6:30pm

Then continues on Sundays, February 18 – Mar 25, at 9:30am

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Christmas 2017

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For millennia this world has been locked in a cosmic battle waged between the forces of evil and the forces of good; the servants of light and the servants of darkness.

No, this is not the opening line to the next Marvel movie release. This is a description of the world which you inhabit.  You also play a role in this cosmic battle. How is the war going?

Does darkness prevail? The news cycle barely breaks from the last outburst of violence and another tragedy of bomb, blade, or bullet breaks our hearts. Or perhaps our hearts are shattered enough by the darkness that has invaded your own life – marriage crumbles, addictions grow, relationships tear apart.

Yes, the battle between good and evil seems to wage with ever greater force, but one event changed the course of that battle for all time. A baby was born. Laid to rest in a manger. Not just any baby, this baby was the light of the world.  He came into the world on the first Christmas, and we’ve celebrated this arrival every year since. The light of Jesus Christ shines into the darkness of our world and the darkness will not overcome it. Light shall reign.

This Christmas join us to discover the hope, peace, and confidence Jesus brings and to know that Light Shall Reign forever.

Christmas Eve

Candlelight Worship – 6:30pm

There will not be Sunday morning worship on December 24th.

Christmas Day

Celebration Worship – 9:30am

Worship series continues on Sundays, December 31 – February 11 at 9:30am.

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