Filthy Religion

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Filthy Religion

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Filthy Religion

Christians are…arrogant. Churches are….judgmental. 

“They all think they are so perfect, but hypocrisy abounds in their community clubs!”

Have you ever heard Christians and churches described that way?  Have you formed those opinions of Christians and their churches yourself?

Caricatures of the Christian religion have developed over centuries and over the last several decades. For some, Christians and churches need to admit the wrongful actions and attitudes that have produced such caricatures. For others, simple misunderstandings need to be cleared up. Maybe your experiences have made you sick and wary of religion altogether.

There is religion that is pure and noble, with something amazing to offer you. There is an authentic spirituality and faith you can find in promises of God in Jesus. As we practice such faith, and join with others in such faith, messes occur, but the Word of God provides the guidance and truth to develop authentic community and faith.

Join us as we discuss Filthy Religion and answer the call of God to a faith that is pure, noble, and authentic.

Sundays, September 2-23 at 9:30am


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