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The blockbusters have hit the big screen. Capes. Masks. Ripping muscles. Body armor. Witty one-liners. Such are the signs of our superheroes with superpowers. Fictions captivate our minds and imaginations, as these heroes face insurmountable odds yet overcome. Their strength and tenacity amazes. Their grit and determination motivates. Their comedy in the face of tragedy lifts our spirits.

Our superheroes with their superpowers give us hope. The hope that there is strength beyond what we can muster. Hope that people can see others in need and intervene. Hope that this world can be a better place. Hope that in the end good can conquer evil, but then we step out of the movie theater or turn off the TV. Perhaps we are left wondering if such hopes are foolish.

Such hopes are not foolish, but they are found in fact, not fiction. Join us as we see Jesus is the hero we need, with the superpower to strengthen us.

This worship series runs from June 24 – July 22, 2018.



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