People of the Passion

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People of the Passion


People of the Passion

People of the Passion

People are passionate. They are passionate about sports, whether to vaccinate or not, politics; blue or red, conservative or liberal. People are passionate about colas, coffee, and country. Our most serious passions tend to divide us, yet a closer look at our lives demonstrates that our struggles, questions, and fears are shared.  We are more alike than we realize, not only in our faults and failures, but also in our need for a Savior.  Jesus, that savior, was passionate about us.  His passion for us became passion suffered in our place to free us. That’s something worth being passionate about.

In this worship series, we will take a look at the people of Jesus’ passion nearly 2000 years ago.  We might feel so far removed from those individuals we can’t imagine we share anything in common, but their struggles, questions, fears, and temptations are contemporary.=

What can we learn about these people of the passion?  What can we learn from them? What will they teach us about ourselves and our own struggles in faith? During the 40 days leading up to Easter, we will take a closer look at these people of the passion, and we just might see each other too.

This season discover how you too are among the people of the passion – Jesus’ passionate love for you.

Begins Ash Wednesday, February 14th, at 6:30pm

Then continues on Sundays, February 18 – Mar 25, at 9:30am


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