Our Savior: From Satan

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Our Savior: From Satan

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The Horror is Real

Do you have your costume yet?  Is your house decorated with spiders, webbing, bones, skulls, ghosts and more? Halloween is coming.  Whether or not you dive all into the day, some people do.  Among the costumes, there are some truly scary looking ones.  Of course, there are the red suits, horns, tails, and pitchforks of the demons and Satan himself. Some will be crafted for children. Some sized for adults will include makeup fit for a horror film. As much as we like to have a little fun around this time of year with horror, terror, and devils, there is truth behind the masks.

The devil is real. He is a former angel who fell from God’s grace. He is called Satan, which means “adversary.” He has one goal. He literally wants to “give you hell.” He stands as a prosecutor before the judgment seat of God. He dissects your character flaws; pride, anger, greed, and lust. He’s convincing and convicting. Though he is the “father of lies,” he doesn’t lie about this. You can’t deny what he says about you. You have no rebuttal to make. It appears his case work will bring the eternal sentence of hell for you.

Yet, Satan does not have the last word. Jesus Christ came to your defense. Jesus’ mission was to defeat the devil and put an end to his evil work. Jesus did not just hinder, slow down or frustrate the devil. He came to destroy him in the most unlikely way – by his death on the cross.  All of the devils’ accusations against are taken away because Jesus forgave all of your sins on the cross.  The devil can no longer successfully accuse you before God.

Since he no longer can accuse you before God, he accuses you directly.  The devil comes to you to remind you of your failures and disappointments.  He will dig up the shameful acts fo your life. He will use them to convince you God would never forgive that. Know that this is his last resort.

The victory is already won! The victory belongs to Jesus. Put your trust in him. By faith, his victory belongs to you. Resist the devil’s temptations and he will flee from you.

We can turn some scary things into good-humored fun at Halloween. On a much deeper level, we can mock the devil who tries to bring true terror into our lives.  We can mock him because Jesus died for you so that the devil cannot have his wicked way with you.

Learn more about all that Jesus has done for you. You’re invited to join Beautiful Savior in worship of Jesus at 9:30am on Sunday mornings.

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