A Prayer for Martin Luther King Jr. Day

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A Prayer for Martin Luther King Jr. Day

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Lord God, I kneel before you today as my Father and as the Father of all creation and all people, from whom your entire family both in heaven and on earth derives its name. As our country remembers Martin Luther King Jr., a man who fought against tyranny and hatred that were fueled by race and skin color, I thank you that he fought that fight with words and actions that avoided violence. I know that I continue to live in a world that has been corrupted by sin and I struggle with hatred of my own.  Daily remind me of the grace and love Jesus has brought me through his death on the cross, which removed the hatred and hostility that my own disobedience placed between you and me. Allow the Holy Spirit to work that grace, love, and compassion in my own heart so that I am not imbued with prejudice and bigotry.  Such things still plague the world in which I live, but remind me that through your grace I am no longer of this world, but I am your child and I have been called to reflect your love.  Help me to know and do your will, so that all people would be saved and come to a knowledge of the truth. Amen.

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