Jesus Is…The Good Shepherd

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Jesus Is…The Good Shepherd

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JesusMan Dies to Save Trapped Bunny pops up as you scroll through your news app. You tap on the video. You see what reminds you of the furry little Cadbury Crème Egg mascot trapped in a precarious position. A heroic rescue follows, but the rescuer dies.

You’re baffled, and…you’re impressed! You think, “What inspired that guy to give his own life for a bunny? Sometimes, I forget even to feed my own pet!”

Another headline: Man Dies to Save World.

That headline doespop up when you read the Bible. It may sound like it’s from a too-predictable superhero movie. It may seem too good to be true, but it is true! Jesus is that man. His agonizing, humiliating death on a Roman torture-pole was the heroic rescue of the world. He didn’t rescue it from global warming or hunger or war, but from the single problem at the root of each of those – our sins and the damnation they bring.  Despite what some speculate, Jesus didn’t come to post the 10 commandments at every town hall and enforce them. The world already stood condemned by the law because of its sin. Jesus came to rescue the world, and by the way, “world” means everyone in it, including you.

Look at the extraordinary heroism in Jesus, this world’s rescuer! It was more than heroism. Even though he is true God, Jesus displayed God’s love and God’s plan to give forgiveness and eternal life to all as he lost his own life! Jesus’ life, death, and bodily resurrection show you the very heart of God. This is a headline worth your time. It is worth reading more about. Scroll on.

Here’s a way to picture Jesus your God and Savior: Jesus is The Good Shepherd. He tells you why: “I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep” (John 10:11).We are the sheep. We have strayed and wandered into a precarious and deadly situation because we are sinful.  At some point our “bleating” hearts will cry out in fear, in anxiety, and in distress. We are lost sheep who need a rescue – not just by a hired hand, not just by any shepherd, but by The Good Shepherd. He is not a no-name hero who will be forgotten tomorrow. Jesus is the Good Shepherd who, being both God and man, laid down his life for you.

Your life’s headline reads: Good Shepherd Dies to Save THIS Sheep.

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