Our Footprints Follow Jesus Series

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Our Footprints Follow Jesus Series

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Follow JesusHave you read the poem, “Footprints in the Sand”? Many dearly love it.  It reminds us when our life is difficult and strenuous is often when Jesus picks us up and carries us through.  Our thanks to our Savior for the support, strength, and comfort he continuously provides in his Word overflows when we recognize just how much he has been there for us.


What about when he puts us back down?  What about when we are walking on our own, and have our own set of footprints in the sand? How should we live our lives then?  In the month of July this will be the focus of our worship services.  How do followers of Christ live?  Our worship will focus on scripture readings that provide guidance for our lives.  Join us as we discuss how “Our Footprints Follow Jesus.”

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