Catch the Wave Series

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Catch the Wave Series

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catchthewave_200Jesus made a promise when he ascended into heaven.  His church would grow as his followers were witnesses to all the ends of the earth. Jesus’ Church continues to grow by leaps and bounds. While we in America are often distracted by the pursuit of “the good life”, huge portions of the world are hungry for the gospel of Jesus and finding it via technology and the world-wide internet.

Some have described this surge in the growth of the church as a tsunami—only one that brings heaven instead of hell.

These are exciting times for mission work all over the world and there are so many ways that we can “get in” on what’s happening. Every Christian needs to find a way to catch the wave and take advantage of the opportunities out there to bring Jesus to people who are hungry and thirsty for Him.

Get ready to be awed and inspired in this series as we talk about what’s exciting in the Church around the world and share opportunities for all God’s people to “catch the wave.”

Join us for this worship series from Sunday May 12 through Sunday June 2.

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