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A Godly Decision-Making Process

March 18, 2018
To be able to make decisions without regret or guilt, we can center our process on Christ. Download audio and listening guide files below.

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The Cross Was In the Grand Scheme

February 25, 2018
As we recognize God's grand plan of Salvation in Christ Jesus, we are able to trust fully in his daily plans for our lives. Download audio and listening guide files…

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The Garden of Peace

April 9, 2014
There is a serenity to Jesus' burial on Good Friday which points us forward to his glorious resurrection, while still the evidence of his death remained. Use the arrows in…

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Jesus Is The Resurrection and the Life

April 6, 2014
Jesus - the Resurrection and the Life - allows us to conquer our greatest enemy, death.

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The Garden of Betrayal

March 26, 2014
Jesus is betrayed by Judas in the Garden of Gethsemane.  We continue to see Jesus' amazing willingness to suffer in our place. In the window above, use the arrows to…

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The Battle for Our Hearts

March 16, 2014
How does God form relationships with us?  He battles for our hearts and sustains them with living water.

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Victory on the Battlefield of Temptation

March 9, 2014
Jesus fights for us on the battlefield of temptation.

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Cross of Ash

Garden of Promise

March 5, 2014
On Ash Wednesday we hear many reminders of our sins, but we also look at the wonderful promises God gives in Jesus.


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