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Is God Love?

April 29, 2018
Sometimes the experience of the world would lead us to conclude that God cannot truly be a God of love. However, a closer inspection reveals that God has demonstrated his…

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Sola Gratia Is Amazing Grace

November 12, 2017
Rather than take God's grace for granted we can rediscover how amazing it is and hold to the tenet of Sola Gratia. Download audio and listening guide files below.

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God’s Grace Is Absolute

September 24, 2017
While our sinful condition is absolute and results in absolute death, God's grace is also absolute and results in absolute life through faith in Jesus. Download audio and listening guide…

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Chosen By God

September 17, 2017
You have a place to belong in God's Church because he has chosen you by his grace. Download audio and listening guide files below.

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God’s Incredible Invitation

August 27, 2017
God has invited us to the incredible, joyful reception of his grace and Jesus asks us to consider our response to that invitation.

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The Abundant Harvest

October 23, 2016
When we look through the lens of God's grace we are able to both the opportunities he has given us to be generous and the incredible results he will bring…

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Grace Is Narrow

September 20, 2015
God's Word reminds us that his grace is both narrow and broad. Jesus is the way for all, but he is the only way. This video is a collection of…

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Grace Leads to Godly Humility

September 13, 2015
What position of honor can we choose when in the presence of the King of Kings? Thanks be to God that he has called us up to the seat of…

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You Finish the Story

March 15, 2015
One of Jesus' most famous parables, or stories, is that of the prodigal son. How does that story continue? We explore the continuation of that story as we look at…

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Focus on God’s Grace Then and Now

October 12, 2014
When you feel stuck in life you can focus on God's grace! Download files for audio and the listening guide below. (Right-click and select "Save as..." to download to your…


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