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Arise and Shine

January 7, 2018
The historical message of the gospel of Christ brings contemporary promises and contemporary joy. Download audio and listening guide files below.

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Attach Your Hope to the Lamb of God

January 15, 2017
The greatest person we can ever know is Jesus. His achievements as the Lamb of God provide our ultimate hope. Download audio and listening guide files below.

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Come and See…an Invitation for the Skeptic

January 17, 2016
Jesus overcomes our skepticism. Download audio and listening guide files below. 

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God Has Set a Sign for the Nations

January 10, 2016
God set the star in the sky to lead the Magi to Jesus and to show us that Jesus is the savior of the nations and our savior. Download audio…

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Jesus Lifts You To the Heights of Glory

March 2, 2014
Have you ever had a down day?  So did Peter and his fellow disciples.  Jesus brought them to the Mount of his Transfiguration where they saw his glory.  Through his…

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Jesus Asks the Impossible

February 23, 2014
Jesus tells us to turn the other cheek and love our enemies - impossible!  But Jesus has done it and he enables you to also love your enemies.

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What You’ve Heard and What Jesus Says

February 16, 2014
God's will for our lives is simple, but it's not simplistic.  Jesus explains and expounds on God's law and shows that it is focused on our hearts.

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Salt and Light

February 9, 2014
Jesus has made you to be the salt of the earth and the light of the world.

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Born to Save US

Your Reaction to the Lamb of God

January 19, 2014
John the Baptist proclaims that Jesus is the Lamb of God.  What is your reaction?

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Born to Save US

An Important Ceremony

January 12, 2014
Jesus' Baptism was a very important ceremony that marked a special event for you and I.


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