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Stand With Confidence

July 8, 2018
As a loved child of God, you can take up a pose of power and stand with confidence in your Savior Jesus Christ.   Download audio and listening guide files…

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God’s Grace Is Absolute

September 24, 2017
While our sinful condition is absolute and results in absolute death, God's grace is also absolute and results in absolute life through faith in Jesus. Download audio and listening guide…

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Focus On Christ

April 16, 2017
This Easter as we focus on Christ we are reminded of the truths of his death and resurrection that bring us true joy and satisfaction in our lives. Download audio…

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Who Is Your Best Friend?

April 2, 2017
Jesus is the friend who gives us true and lasting comfort in the face of death because he is the resurrection and the life. Download audio and listening guide files…

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#YCLA – You Can Live Again

Is it true you only live once? Jesus promises that you can live again, and in his promise we find the true freedom to live our life to the fullest.…

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Suffered, Died, and Buried

June 26, 2016
What is the truth that lies behind Jesus' suffering, death, and burial? The creed emphasizes that it does have and impact on our lives. Special thanks to The Village Church.…

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A Guaranteed Victory

April 3, 2016
Jesus' resurrection is the guarantee that you also will rise and enjoy the sweet taste of victory. Download audio and listening guide files below. 

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Why Have Faith?

June 14, 2015
In the final sermon of our series on faith we explore the powerful reasons we have to believe our God and his promises. Download audio and listening guide files below.…

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Enjoy Your Riches

How do you react when God wants to talk about money? Did you know God actually does want you to enjoy the riches you have? ¬†Learn the secrets to truly…

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The Garden of Peace

April 9, 2014
There is a serenity to Jesus' burial on Good Friday which points us forward to his glorious resurrection, while still the evidence of his death remained. Use the arrows in…


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