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Solus Christus

November 26, 2017
These three Scripture readings encourage us to focus on Christ alone and place our trust in no other God and no other Savior. Download audio and listening guide files below.

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God’s Glory Still Shines

February 7, 2016
To remove the spiritual blindfolds that keep us from seeing God clearly, we must look at Christ who is the image of God. Download audio and listening guide files below. 

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Jesus Has Power for the Possessed

January 24, 2016
Jesus demonstrates his authority to conquer Satan and his attempts to possess our hearts and souls. Download audio and listening guide files below. 

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God Has Set a Sign for the Nations

January 10, 2016
God set the star in the sky to lead the Magi to Jesus and to show us that Jesus is the savior of the nations and our savior. Download audio…

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A Story to Hear Over and Over Again

December 24, 2015
The message from Beautiful Savior's Christmas Eve Service 2015.

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God Determined the Impossible Possible

December 20, 2015
The Christmas story is an impossible one, unless God is the one who makes it possible. Download audio and listening guide files below. (Right-click and select "Save as..." to download…

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Jesus Lights Up Your Life

December 13, 2015
As the light of the world, Jesus brings true and lasting joy and happiness to us. Download Audio and Listening Guide files below. 

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Your Refugee Crisis

November 22, 2015
God has brought you out of the kingdom of darkness and into the kingdom of the Son he loves. Audio and listening guide files can be found below.

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To Live Is Christ

October 19, 2014
As we evaluate our lives we ask this question: "For whom do I live my life?"  When the answer is Christ we enjoy confidence and strength. Download files for the…

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The Church Confesses Jesus As Christ

September 14, 2014
Jesus asks"Who do you say I am?"  The answer to that question is the foundation of the church. Download audio MP3 below. Study notes and Life Group sheets are also…


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