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Pursue Righteousness

October 13, 2019
Because we live in the kingdom of Jesus, we can make righteousness and godliness the energetic pursuit of our lives.

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Jesus’ Immense Mercy

September 29, 2019
Even though we could call ourselves the "worst of sinners," Jesus has shown us immense mercy.

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Jesus Watches My Wealth

September 22, 2019
Jesus' observation of and comments on the remarkable, sacrificial generosity of a poor widow move us to give in remarkable, sacrificial ways.

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Know the Master

September 15, 2019
It is only when we know our master - he who has entrusted us with all things - when we know him rightly and see his deep love for us,…

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Giving to God Doesn’t Make Sense

September 8, 2019
Among the many events and experiences that don't make sense to our human reason is the concept that we would give to God freely, generously, and first. God's powerful message,…

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Your Story Continues

September 1, 2019
The final period hasn't been written in your story of God's grace. You can continue to live for, toward, and in God.

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A Story of Commitment

August 25, 2019
As God has been completely committed to our story through the redemption by Christ, he also calls for total commitment from us as we follow Christ.

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A Story of Great Forgiveness

August 18, 2019
No matter how wicked we have been, or how far we have gone, our God has promised us forgiveness in Jesus.

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A Story of Power

August 11, 2019
As we strive to see our story on every page of God's word, we see that it is a story filled with God's power over death itself.

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A Story of Faith

August 4, 2019
During this worship series introductions for each scripture reading are given, as we recognize that on every page of God's Word is written our story. This week we saw our…


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