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Christ Completes You

July 7, 2019
We tend to seek completion and fulfillment in other people or our work, but life in the name of Jesus is truly full and complete.

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Life in Christ’s Name Brings Maturity

June 30, 2019
God desires that his children live a mature life as they grown in faith through their life experiences.

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Celebrating God’s Gift of Fathers

June 16, 2019

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Blessed to Follow His Example

June 16, 2019
On Father's Day, the fathers among us are honored and encouraged to follow the example of our great heavenly Father.

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You Are a Citizen of the City of Peace

May 26, 2019
God holds forth a complete peace through Jesus who willingly gave his life for us.

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God Has Prepared You as a Bride

May 19, 2019
God has made each of us radiant and beautiful through Jesus.

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Mothers Are In The Multitude

Women and mothers of all walks of life find comfort and strength in the promises that give us the Hope of Easter.

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Worthy Is The Lamb…Amen!

May 5, 2019
To confirm our faith we speak our "Amen!" to the words that praise the Lamb of God, Jesus Christ, our very Savior.

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Jesus Holds the Keys

April 28, 2019
The sight of the living, resurrected Lord Jesus Christ gives us comfort because he holds the keys to death and hell.

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Hosanna – Save Us Now!

April 14, 2019
The cries and shouts of Palm Sunday become our own as we welcome our King, who has saved us.


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