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God Asks, “Do You Love Me?”

March 11, 2018
When we approach this question, God hopes to lead us to know his complete forgiveness and to find joy in service to him. Download audio and listening guide files below.

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God Calls You From Silence

March 4, 2018
If you've ever felt curious but unsure about Christianity, or if you've ever wavered in your commitment to Christ and failed to give a bold witness to the cross, you…

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The Cross Was In the Grand Scheme

February 25, 2018
As we recognize God's grand plan of Salvation in Christ Jesus, we are able to trust fully in his daily plans for our lives. Download audio and listening guide files…

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Close the Door on Satan

February 18, 2018
Satan looks to set his traps for us, just as he did for Judas, but we can learn from Judas' sobering warning and close the door on Satan's opportunities. Download…

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The Light of True Glory

February 11, 2018
God shines his light through his Word so that we recognize both his creative glory and his redemptive glory.

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A Strategy to Win

February 4, 2018
As God give us the opportunity to speak the good news of Jesus, our strategy to win revolves around humility and compassion. Download audio and listening guide files below. 

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The Impossible God Might Do

January 28, 2018
The call God has extended may seem like mission impossible, but his powerful Word can accomplish his plans and purposes among us.

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Fixed on Faithfulness

January 21, 2018
Faithfulness is required of us all, but we have confidence and courage because Christ's perfect faithfulness counts for us. Download audio and listening guide files below.

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The Blessings of Listening

January 14, 2018
When we practice good listening skills, the Word of God brings tremendous blessings. Download audio and listening guide files below.

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Arise and Shine

January 7, 2018
The historical message of the gospel of Christ brings contemporary promises and contemporary joy. Download audio and listening guide files below.


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