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The Kingdom’s Powerful Message Brings Growth

September 10, 2017
Though his kingdom sometimes seems small, Jesus demonstrates that it is filled with an incredible power that brings growth. Download audio below. There is no listening guide for this message.

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Hearts Cultivated By the Holy Spirit

September 3, 2017
God scatters the seed of his Word to find the hearts cultivated by the Holy Spirit for growth. Download audio and listening guide files below.

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God’s Incredible Invitation

August 27, 2017
God has invited us to the incredible, joyful reception of his grace and Jesus asks us to consider our response to that invitation.

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Total Forgiveness

August 20, 2017
Jesus' illustration highlights total forgiveness as a key to kingdom life. Download audio and listening guide files below.

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Repentance Is the Entrance

August 13, 2017
How do we gain entrance into the kingdom of heaven? ┬áJesus tells a story of two brothers that helps us see it is through the changed attitude of our hearts…

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God’s Greatest Treasure

August 6, 2017
Jesus encourages us to see the incredible value of the kingdom as that of the greatest treasure, so we know how great of a treasure we are to God. Download…


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