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New Year, New You - It’s time! The new year is when we stop and resolve to become a better version of ourselves. We get back to the gym, we cook increased vegetable portions, or pump up our spiritual disciples. We want better versions of ourselves because we see the inadequacies in the current. This New Year, discover how Jesus
Christmas 2019 - God So Loved the World For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son… John 3:16 Christmas Eve Candlelight Service Tuesday, December 24th 2019 4:30pm Christmas Day Celebration Service Wednesday, December 25th 2019 9:30am
WORTHY - The brokenness of this world is clear. How have you experienced it? Is a family member blind or deaf? Has an accident cost you the use of your legs? Do you wet your cheeks with the tears that trickle down because your grandparent is suffering or gone? Even if you’ve been spared physical brokenness, does
Welcome Home - There’s something about home. Home is where you relax after a long day of work. Home is where you can let your hair down, because you know the people there will love you, even with your quirks and flaws. Home is where you feel most safe, in a world that isn’t. Jesus intended for his
10 For 10 Coming to Beautiful Savior - “All the church ever talks about is money!” You’ve heard it before. You may even have said it before. Let’s take that statement to task. It’s simply not true. It is true that we’ve spent three to four weeks in worship each year on a significant stewardship emphasis to encourage regular, consistent, generous offerings at


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