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Life Under the Sun - Sometimes life seems to overflow with potential. We are sure we can and will change the world. Somewhere along the line that changes. We realize that all our hard work and effort doesn’t really seem to get us anywhere. Earlier dreams of changing the world begin to fade into the monotony of daily life. We
Superpower - The blockbusters have hit the big screen. Capes. Masks. Ripping muscles. Body armor. Witty one-liners. Such are the signs of our superheroes with superpowers. Fictions captivate our minds and imaginations, as these heroes face insurmountable odds yet overcome. Their strength and tenacity amazes. Their grit and determination motivates. Their comedy in the face of tragedy
Modern Family - You can choose your friends but you can’t pick your family. Though they are the closest people to us, related by blood and more, family relationships can sometimes be the most challenging of our lives. They can have the opportunity to be those with the greatest rewards. In this series, we will gain God’s perspective on
Soccer Camp - Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church invites the children of our community to a soccer camp from Monday, June 18th – Friday, June 22nd, 2018. Main Camp (M-F) Beginners’ Camp (Tu-Fr) Time 5:30-7:30pm 10:00-11:00am Ages 5-12 3-4 Cost $10 $10 (Timely payment of the registration fee secures your child’s spot.) The main camp for ages 5-12 will
Branches - On Easter we came alive to Jesus’ resurrection from the dead. We can continue to come alive to the power of his resurrection for our own lives as we realize the new identity he has given us. I am the vine; you are the branches. Jesus said these words about us. We are branches connected


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